An acronym used on Internet forums. When someone writes too much in their post, and you simply cannot be bothered with reading it all, you just respond to their post with "TLDNR."

Just some bits and pieces of things I enjoy and thoughts I think.



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From "The Rematch" by B.J. Novak

  • Tortoise:Good luck, hare,
  • said the tortoise, as casual as ever.
  • Tortoise:Whoa! You know what's funny - do that again - huh, from this angle you look like a duck. Now you look like a hare again. Funny. Anyway, good luck, hare!
  • Hare:And good luck to you, tortoise,
  • whispered the hare, leaning in close.
  • Hare:And just so you know - nobody knows this, and if you tell anyone I said it, I'll deny it - but I'm not really a hare. I'm a rabbit."
  • This wasn't true - the hare just said it to fuck with him.
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